Old Skool Massive

Old Skool Massive

Anti-social behaviour, it’s just not funny at any age and won’t be tolerated in Lancashire. We know that if it happens to you it can have a big impact on your quality of life.

What was the aim of our campaign?

  • To raise awareness of what constitutes anti-social behaviour and make people aware of the consequences of acting anti-socially. 

What were the objectives of our campaign?

  • To encourage 10,000 views of a short film to raise awareness of the different types of anti-social behaviour.

What were our campaign outcomes?

  • Our Old Skool Massive viral recieved over 78,000 views on You Tube.
  • Our campaign attracted a social media audience of 250,000 people.
  • Our posters were used in 62% of schools in Lancashire.
  • Shortlisted for Pride Awards 2012.
  • Winner of Best Communication at Best Business Awards 2012.
  • Our campaign cost under £2,000 but generated an advertising value equivalent of over £28,000.

Epic! what we did last nite!