Handled with Care

Handled with Care

Domestic abuse is much more common than most people realise and sadly, on average, a woman is assaulted 35 times before she makes her first call for help.  It can happen at any stage of a relationship and is very rarely a “one off”. One in four women will suffer domestic abuse at some stage in their lives.

What was the aim of our campaign?

  • To raise awareness of what constitues domestic abuse.
  • To encourage women and anyone else affected by domestic abuse to seek help by contacting the National Domestic Violence Helpline - 0808 2000 247 and where required, local services.

What were the objectives of our campaign?

  • To develop a creative campaign with strong branding which was based on sound research with domestic abuse support services and markedly different from previous campaigns.
  • To demonstrate the different types of domestic abuse eg: physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual.
  • To demonstrate that tackling domestic abuse is a priority for agencies in Lancashire.
  • To specifically target female victims, given research shows that the vast majority of domestic abuse in Lancashire is carried out by men and experienced by women.
  • To encourage women to access services and report incidents in order to break the cycle of abuse. Key outcome: to be highlighted through an increase in reporting during the campaign period.
  • To challenge the myths and perceptions that some people may hold in relation to victims of domestic abuse. Key outcome: to be highlighted through media coverage, social media discussion and above the line advertising.
  • To highlight the impact that domestic abuse can have on women and their families.

What were our campaign outcomes?

  • 12% increase in calls to the Police in Lancashire in June 2012 compared with June 2011.
  • 100% increase in reporting to Preston Domestic Violence Services between April and June 2012 compared with 2011.
  • Our campaign reached a TV audience of 3 million people and social media audience of 43,000 people.
  • Our campaign reached a Rock FM advertising audience of 333,969 and bus shelter advertising audience of 1.1 million people.
  • Our campaign cost under £12,000 but generated an advertising value equivalent of over £50,000.