The Ugly Consequences of the Beautiful Game

There are no excuses. Don't pay the penalty.

Analysis shows that major football tournaments increase community safety risks; place additional demand on services and result in harm to individuals and communities.

We have developed a 6 week campaign, "The Ugly Consequences of the Beautiful Game" which will be promoted Lancashire-wide during the World Cup 2014 (12 June to 13 July 2014).

The campaign has been created by the Lancashire Police & Crime Commissioner together with Lancashire Constabulary and Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service.

It will focus on four key strands:

  • Domestic abuse;
  • Alcohol-related violent crime;
  • Drink-driving; and
  • Deliberate and accidental fires.
The message to offenders will be clear: There are no excuses. Don't pay the penalty.

What is the aim of our campaign?

  • To mitigate "The Ugly Consequences of the Beautiful Game" by encouraging people to think twice about their behaviour and subsequently minimise harm.

What are the objectives of our campaign?

  • To reduce incidents of domestic abuse and raise awareness about where abuse victims can get help.
  • To reduce incidents of drink-driving and alcohol-fuelled violent crime.
  • To reduce incidents of deliberate fire-setting and accidental fires in the home as a result of drunken cooking.

How will we promote our campaign?

  • Billboards will be appearing in Blackpool, Blackburn and Preston warning domestic abuse offenders to "Leave the Striking to the Players".
  • Bus shelter adverts will urge victims, friends and family to "Blow the Whistle on Domestic Abuse".
  • Banners will be displayed by partners on prominent roads and buildings across the county highlighting all elements of the campaign.
  • Posters and beer mats will be appearing in pubs, clubs, workplaces and community buildings.
  • Multi-agency events with World Cup giveaways will take place in busy locations county-wide throughout the month of June 2014.