CSSG - Principles and Accountabilities


  • Act in the best interests of Lancashire citizens and communities.
  • Bring knowledge and experience about our own organisation and develop experience and knowledge about partner organisations.
  • Ensure that information and decisions takes in partnership are shared and acted upon within our organisation.
  • Ensure support and resources from within our organisation to enable the delivery of the Community Safety Agreement.
  • Contribute to the development of robust and effective performance and monitoring arrangements.
  • Read all the documents prior to meetings and consult on the contents and actions within our organisation as appropriate.


  • To undertake a countywide strategic assessment
  • To prepare and implement a community safety agreement.
  • To provide support and information to the Police and Crime Panel members, responsible authorities and local stakeholders.
  • To work as a partnership to remove duplication, increase efficiency and cooperate for maximum impact.
  • To identify, share and support the roll out of evidence based on good practice.
  • To identify gaps in provision and look for opportunities to reshape provision to address these.
  • To monitor pan-Lancashire performance across community safety targets and priorities.
  • To ensure a response to national strategy requirements such as CONTEST and the Prevent Strategy.