We have identified the following community safety priorities across Lancashire for 2013/14.

Anti-social behaviour

We know that if it happens to you it can have a big impact on your quality of life. This is why in Lancashire; we are committed to working together to tackle the problem.


Domestic abuse

We recognise that even if you are not experiencing domestic abuse or violence yourself, you may well know someone who is. We are committed to tackling the problem by supporting victims and tackling offenders.


Road safety

We are committed to making Lancashire a safer place in which to walk, ride and drive. To prevent deaths and serious injuries on our roads we are making improvements to our roads.


Child sexual exploitation

We recognised that child sexual exploitation is a crime that can affect any child. This is why in Lancashire, we are committed to working together to tackle the problem.


Counter terrorism

Terrorism is a real and serious threat to us all. In Lancashire, we are working closely with partner agencies and communities to tackle all forms of extremism and counter terrorism.


Hate crime

We believe that every member of the Lancashire community has the right to live without fear of harassment and abuse, whether physical, verbal or sexual. We will not tolerate any incidents or crimes motivated by prejudice or hate.