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Local Authorities across the North West have joined in hosting a campaign – Be a Lover not a Fighter – in a bid to help end Domestic Abuse for good.

1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men have suffered domestic abuse. This is not just physical violence, domestic abuse can be emotional too – like threats and controlling behaviour. It's behind closed doors – it's known, but not talked about.  Two women a week and two men a month are killed in domestic abuse incidents every year in the UK. There were 30,505 domestic abuse incidents recorded by the Police in Lancashire in 2012/13.

The campaign launches on Monday 8 February 2016 and aims to engage the public to raise awareness of the issues and take steps to 'de-normalise' domestic abuse. It aims to prevent two women a week in the UK being killed by their partners; to stop children, the forgotten victims, being hurt and scared; and to prevent those scars from lasting a lifetime.  The campaign will run over 4 weeks and Lancashire's areas of focus are Burnley, Lancaster and Preston

Get Involved!

You and your organisation can get involved and support this campaign in a number of ways.  A full campaign briefing is available to download here which sets out full details of the background; evidence; insight; aims and objectives; target audience etc.

  • Visit the campaign website - - and pledge your support by entering your initials and postcode.  The website is a point of contact to inform users about the campaign and how you can support it;
  • Make the most of the posters - A4 posters are being distributed to a range of settings including GPs, Health Centres, Leisure Centres, Pharmacies and Hospitals - you can also download a copy here and display it in your setting;
  • Leaflets and badges will be used in face to face engagement and other central locations determined by local leads, such as Local Authority One Stop Shops - you can download the badge card here;
  • Come along to an engagement event where members of the public can pledge their support, pick up a free badge pack, and help end domestic abuse - full details of these events can be found on page 13 of the campaign brief;
  • Show your support through social media channels Facebook; Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags: #lovernotfighter and #hearthands - further information on social media can be found below.

Social Media

Support the campaign via the social media channels listed below:

Alongside sharing and promoting the campaign on social media, a key focus of the campaign is to encourage people to talk about the domestic abuse issue. It is important that messages remain positive as people can and do recover from domestic abuse and go on to have healthy relationships.  Here are some sample posting that could be used:

  • Where domestic abuse is taking place in families, children are in the same or adjoining room 90% of the time #lovernotfighter #hearthands
  • You will spend about 30 seconds reading this that time Police in the UK have received another call about domestic abuse... isn’t it time to stop it? #lovernotfighter
  • If your partner abuses you, whether with violence, verbally or psychologically that control is domestic abuse not a healthy relationship. Find out more at
  • I’m pledging my support to help end domestic abuse in Lancashire today...why not stop by and do the same? #lovernotfighter
  • Show us your heart hands, nominate three of your friends to do the same and help put a stop to domestic abuse find out what to do here... #lovernotfighter#hearthands
  • Share and show you care. Let’s see your heart hands and pledge your support online to end domestic abuse #lovernotfighter#hearthands


To generate support via social media, the 'heart hand' will be used.  This provides a very quick and easy way for the public and people in the public eye alike to show their support to end domestic abuse.  Take part in #hearthands by following the instructions below:

  1. Make a heart shape with your hands;
  2. Get someone to take a photo/video of you;
  3. Post the photo/video with the words 'I'm a lover not a fighter, Lets held end domestic abuse. Pledge your support.';
  4. Nominate a couple of your friends;
  5. Use #lovernotfighter #hearthands

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Be a lover - badge

Campaign Briefing

Download the following resources to support the campaign.

You can add images to your own websites, or print resources to display in your settings.

A4 Poster

A6 Badge Card

Campaign Logo

Image - Heart Hands

Images for Social Media

Use the images below for posts on social media:

#Hearthand instructions

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Domestic Abuse Fact 1

Domestic Abuse Fact 2

Contact Details

For further information about the campaign or to order campaign materials please email:

For local campaign information in Lancashire, please contact: