Reducing reoffending is not the responsibility of a single agency; it is essential that all agencies work together in partnership to successfully manage individual offenders, challenging their behaviour and encouraging them to move away from committing further crime and anti-social behaviour.

Community payback

Community Payback is a form of unpaid work carried out by offenders to repay the community for their crimes. You can have a say in what type of work is carried out in your area by nominating a Community Payback project.


Multi-agency public protection arrangement

We protect the public by managing the risks posed by violent and sexual offenders that live in Lancashire. These are known as Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA).


Prolific and other priority offender

We recognise that a small number of offenders are responsible for a large amount of crime. We call this type of a offender a Prolific and other Priority Offender (PPO).


Revolution - integrated offender management

We reduce re-offending by working together with partner agencies to prioritise interventions to prevent, deter, catch and convict repeat offenders. This approach is known as Integrated Offender Management (IOM) and in Lancashire it is called Revolution.


Youth offending

We tackle youth offending by focusing at an early stage on the complex difficulties faced children, young people and their families, together with addressing the needs of the victims and local communities.