Support people

We are committed to strengthening our relationships with victims and witnesses of crime by supporting them through their experiences, together with supporting young people by providing positive activities and building resilience in families by providing timely and co-ordinated support.


Families can play a big role in preventing crime and anti-social behaviour. In Lancashire, we provide families with support to strengthen relationships and build resilience, addressing the risk factors associated with poor parental supervision and negative role-models, which can lead to disruptive behaviour in children and young people, leading to negative outcomes for the whole family.



If you have been a victim of a crime or have been affected by a crime committed against someone you know, to cope with the experience you can get help from victim support.



If you have witnessed a crime you can get information and support on going to court from Victim Support.


Young people (external site)

There is always something to do for young people in Lancashire. Find out in advance what is happening and where it is going to take place by searching the Young People's Service's Go4it website for activities in Lancashire.