Families can play a big role in preventing crime and anti-social behaviour. In Lancashire, we provide families with support to strengthen relationships and build resilience, addressing the risk factors associated with poor parental supervision and negative role-models, which can lead to disruptive behaviour in children and young people, leading to negative outcomes for the whole family.

What parenting support is available?

We provide parenting support in a wide variety of forms that include:
  • Informal peer support meetings of parents.
  • Volunteer mentoring.
  • Formal parenting courses.
Support is available for parents with children of different ages and if experiencing issues of concern.  

What are multi-agency panels?

A number of multi-agency panels exist that aim to co-ordinate a broad range of services to meet the needs of whole families.
Service packages are developed to provide tailored solutions that fit the needs of a family and will involve with the agreement of the family a range of agencies sharing information about the family.

What is a Family Intervention Project (FIP)

This service provides and co-ordinates intensive support to families that are faced with well-established issues such as anti-social behaviour, youth crime and child poverty that are causing significant harm to the family and their community.

How does the Family Intervention Project work?

The core features that distinguish the Family Intervention Project approach include:
  • A focus on the most problematic families persistently causing anti-social behaviour and who are at risk of losing their homes.
  • A whole family approach which recognises the inter-connectedness between problems faced by different family members.
  • A dedicated key worker to support the family.

What is the role of the key worker?

A key worker will support a small number of cases only. 
Their role is to:
  • Manage or ‘grip’ the family’s problems.
  • Organise the delivery of services.
  • Motivate the family to change their behaviour by using a combination of support and sanctions, as well as a firm and persistent style of working.

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